I ask you is it worth it?

Is the stress being caused by my fight with work really going to change anything.
Work have already admitted to doing things wrong, so why not just leave it at that.

I don’t have any real needed for a job, no is making me get one.

The benefits of my own job are endless!

After all would I really want to go back? I used to think if you where nice, polite and friendly
people would be nice back – however in reality things don’t work like that.

Is disabled equality something people really want or is I it just a buzzword designed to get votes?

I look back and remember a time when I could do things when and how I like,
now it takes planning and advanced notice.

How a big company like the NHS can treat an individual is beyond me, but at the end of the day I’m choosing to fight, why? What I I really hope to achieve at the end.

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Daniel McMorrow

40 Year old disabled geek,

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