My ESA has always been taxed.

On I moved! Soon after my ESA stopped. As with all Service, Bank Accounts etc I informed the DWP DWP – Change of Address – 2016-09-27

The DWP have said stopping my ESA is standard practice. This was due to me claiming PIP.

This is in violation of the Data Protection Act. DWP Have a duty to make sure all data they hold is accurate.

The 2016-2017 tax year ended on 6 April 2017. Any ESA Payments after this would count toward 2017-2018 Tax.
Due to a DWP cock up my ESA Stopped in September 2016.

On The DWP made a payment of £5793.20 This was backed dated ESA
I made DWP – ESA Non Payment – 1 – 2017-05-30
I got Letter 2017-07-06
I then got Letter 2017-07-28

On I made DWP – ESA Non Payment – 2 – 2017-08-19
I never got a responce so ICE said to email.

On I made DWP – ESA Non Payment – 3 – 2017-09-18

I also requested Letter 2017-09-21
As you can see
In 15/16 taxable benefit amount was £6269.66
In 16/17 taxable benefit amount was £2779.34

If we work on the assumption £6269.66 is the taxable amount for a full Tax Year. The personal tax allowance is about £11,000
If we take the £6269.66 and £5793.20 this is over the Allowance.

This has royally fucked my tax. This year is not a worry, but next year I’m going to assume it will take me over the Tax limit so will end up paying tax due to DWP mistake!

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