I never trust a politician the job description requires you to lie & speak in double talk.

@harryph: .@arbrown_town: We can’t trust Labour to tell the truth about the NHS

The above article states…

So why is the Mail suggesting that “NHS papers show” Charing Cross Hospital will only have an “urgent care centre”? This is entirely false. The papers in question are from July’s Imperial board meeting and make it clear that the A&E will stay. At the bottom of the article, Imperial is again quoted saying that “There is no proposal to close the A&E at Charing Cross Hospital”.


@arbrown_town: Hi @Nnamdi_ES_Okoye, closure of HH A&E (but 24/7 opening of UCC) is driven by @ImperialNHS & expert Drs to save lives & improve outcomes.

So someone here is telling a major lie.

In a twitter conversation with Andrew he avoided a direct question….

@danielmcmorrow: @arbrown_town @ImperialNHS @BBCLondon949 will there be a consultant run A&E at CX?

This is a simple question and only requires a yes / no answer. But like all good politicians.

@arbrown_town: @danielmcmorrow One important thing to remember is that Hammersmith Hospital A&E hasn’t had A&E consultants for years.

So not only has he avoided the question, he brings up an irrelevant subject to mask this fact.

Later in the conversation it was said…

@arbrown_town: @danielmcmorrow The whole emergency care system is being overhauled by Sir Bruce Keogh to stop people going to A&E unnecessarily.

1. Your pre-judging what Sir Keogh may say in his report. By “reorganising” the service before the report is published.
2. Stopping people going to A&E when it’s unnecessary is a problem. But the solution to this is eduction not “reorganising” services.
Few weeks ago I tried to book an appointment with my GP. First appointment was 3 weeks! The issue was muscle pain, nothing major. But if my GP can’t see me the only other choice is A&E.
Also (I maybe wrong about this… Could someone clarify please)

A&E currently can’t turn you away. This in my view is more of a barrier to unneeded A&E visits.


I don’t want to mis-inform anyone with this blog. I’m not a Dr. Or MP! If I mis-quote or misunderstand please send me email and I’ll amend straight away. dmcmorrow -AT-

@arbrown_town: @danielmcmorrow .. from your blog. You say that I didn’t respond to a direct question about A&E consultants. I did at 10:40. I said …

@arbrown_town: @danielmcmorrow .. There will be a consultant run A&E at CX for years to come. After Keogh review is implemented I can’t say for sure but ..

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