Ok I understand most people want to lose weight, but I’m odd.

They, can’t weigh me

The last accurate weight I had was taken at Blackheath.

On When discharged from the TSU at The RHN my weight was 62 Kg (BMI of 20.2kg/m2)

On (admission to Blackheath) my weight was 66.2 Kg at discharge on my weight was 64 Kg. During my stay at Blackheath I lost 2.2 Kg. Despite eating and drinking as normal.

I’m on Ensure Plus and have been for years. When I used to take my two a day I’d be blocked up for days. Recently when I drink one I desperately need the toilet about 15-20 minutes later. As I can’t goto the toilet without help i’m not drinking them.
The problem is basically as I sit on my bum all day, I’m literally sitting on my bones.

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