@999CallforNHS: We need local groups along the route to help us form a relay all the way to parliament. Please join #marchforthenhs


Assuming my dates are right 06/09/2914 Is a Saturday. And I love to go. Meet up about a mile from the end and March with them.

I will ask for someone to drive the van but we could do it via train! What you think?

If you can drive, are free than please email me. If we go on train the are a few logistical issue we need to resolve. Toilet, Lunch, etc…



Flat 64
Rosing Apartments
BR2 9FN,

Dear Sir or Madam

I recently stayed at your villa in Sherwood Forest with 16 of my friends and wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I had.
I’m disabled and even before my holiday when I had an enquiry about carers your team where really helpful and put me in contact with an agency that could provide me the care I needed.
When at the villa not only did you have a medical bed for me, but everything was at my height so I could do things for myself (seams small but makes a real difference)
Several times we used the Mobility Service and the two security guys where so helpful and polite.
Again we used the swimming pool as it was fully accessible and is really good Physio plus enjoyable. Again everyone who helped us was polite and extremely helpful.
You should be very proud of ever member of staff at Sherwood they made it a fantastic holiday.

Many thanks
Daniel McMorrow