So today I had a horrid realisation they the tits aka Tories believe what they are doing is fair.  

Today I presented a Budget that delivers security for working people and delivers on the promises upon which we were elected:

Growing the economy and getting the national finances under control with the national debt falling. We have a balanced plan to finish the job on the deficit and run a surplus – so our country lives within its means and we’re better prepared for whatever storms lie ahead.

Supporting working people with lower taxes. From next year you will be able to earn £11,000 before paying any income tax at all, boosting the typical taxpayers’ wages by £80 in total. We will also raise the 40p rate to £43,000, lifting 130,000 people out of this higher tax rate. This is the first major step to delivering our election commitments.

Yes because your frist job as you leave school is £43,0000 a year ? 

Cutting tax on business by reducing Corporation Tax to 18 per cent. We’ve already taken this rate to the lowest in the G20 and aligned it for large and small businesses, but we cannot afford to stand still so will cut it further to send out the message that Britain is open for business.

Higher pay with a new National Living Wage. We will introduce a new National Living Wage for all working people aged 25 and over. It will start next April at £7.20 an hour and we expect it to reach over £9 by 2020. It will mean two and a half million people get a direct pay rise. Those currently on the minimum wage will see their pay rise by over a third this Parliament, a cash increase for a full time worker of over £5,000. We’re also increasing the Employment Allowance by 50 per cent so a firm will be able to employ 4 people full time on the new National Living Wage and pay no national insurance at all.

Yes all uneducated get the best job (They are called MPs)
Budget 2015: Maintenance grants for poorer students ‘to be scrapped’ in next round of cuts
There was no clear plan where these jobs are, but thats ok.

Taking the family home out of inheritance tax. Today there are more families pulled into the inheritance tax net than ever before. Our new residential allowance will mean you can pass up to £1 million on to your children inheritance tax free.

Strengthening the nation’s defences. We will meet the NATO pledge to spend 2 per cent of our national income on defence – not just this year, but every year of this decade.

Killed by benefits cuts: Starving soldier died ‘as result of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reform

Putting welfare spending on a sustainable footing. Britain is home to 1 per cent of the world’s population; generates 4 per cent of the world’s economy; and yet pays out 7 per cent of all the welfare spending. This is not sustainable – so we have set out a package to save £12 billion from welfare so we better protect spending on public services.

Tackling tax avoidance, evasion and aggressive tax planning. The package of measures put together finds the further £5 billion we promised at the election. We’re also tackling fundamental unfairness in the non-dom regime by abolishing the permanent non-dom tax status.

Gary Barlow apologises over tax avoidance before quickly announcing new Take That album

Gary Barlow tax avoidance: David Cameron defends Take That singer against calls he should give back OBE

Improving the productivity of our economy. We will soon set out our comprehensive Plan for Productivity, but today I’ve announced a new Roads Fund. From the end of this decade, every single penny raised in Vehicle Excise Duty in England will go into that Fund to pay for the sustained investment our roads so badly need. This, alongside other measures to cut taxes for business, including an increased permanent Annual Investment Allowance at £200,000, will support business to invest and create more jobs.

This Budget keeps us moving from a low wage, high tax, high welfare economy to a higher wage, lower tax and lower welfare society. It puts security first. The economic security of a country that lives within its means. The financial security of lower taxes and a new National Living Wage. The national security of a country that defends itself and its values. It is a big Budget for a country with big ambition.


These very useless calculators have been written, however they don’t take into account benefits. Or basic costs of life aka Rent or Utility bills (Gas,Electricity) 
My only income is from my benefits.

UPDATE – Part 1

Benefits freeze will hit 13m families, says the IFS

UPDATE – Part 2



I’ve lost count of the lies.

At the heart of our manifesto is a simple proposition:
we are the party of working people, offering you security at every stage of your life.
If you’re looking for training or a good job; if you want to buy your own home; if you’re raising a family and need help with childcare or a great school place; if you fall ill and need to rely on our NHS; if you are reaching retirement and want real security – we are there for you.
These past five years have been a critical period for our country.

Let’s examine this rather insulting claim…



At the moment, Government funding does not cover the cost of delivering 15 hours of childcare for three- and four-year olds, and so it has been left to providers and parents to make up the shortfall.

So the current 15 hour allowance is unaffordable. But I’m sure they have a policy to address this… No! Don’t be silly.



So ALL the people that manage education have never been in a public school.
Nicky Morgan


Lord Bichard: Retired people could do work for pensions

And although such a move might be controversial, it would stop older people being a “burden on the state”

I did not realize my 80+ nan who has paid tax all her life was a Burden



It’s important as we get to kick out the two faced lieing weed currently in number 10 

Under this government we’ve seen…MPs get away with fraud. Tax avoiders given a free pass, Victimisation of Disabled and Poor.



Get your limited edition ‘Labour break it, the Conservatives fix it’ fridge magnet – contribute £ 10 or more to our campaign today. It’s always the same when it comes to the economy: Labour break it, the Conservatives fix it.
In 2010, Labour left an economy that was on its knees. But we’ve halved the deficit as a share of national income, new businesses are opening, jobs are being created, a
nd wages are rising faster than prices.
Britain is going in the right direction again – and we can’t let Ed Miliband and Labour put that at risk.
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So The Conservatives are trying to hide the fact they have no policies with silly pointless gimmicks.

The idea Conservatives fix it is a LIE, its unfounded double speak.

A 5 Minute video thats depressing

from anotherangryvoice.blogspot.com


I commented on these email or lies before. This however is the best one so far.

At the heart of our welfare reforms is a simple goal: to tackle the culture of welfare dependency that Labour allowed to develop.

So we’re creating a system that helps people stand on their own two feet – restoring the incentive to work and ensuring that work always pays.

Gone will be the days when it could make more sense to sit on benefits than enter work. Now, the right choice is also the logical one.

I’m going to bite my lip on this have just lost my job due to being disabled.

Our new Universal Credit is already transforming lives, freeing people from welfare dependency and helping them provide for themselves and their families.

The coalition’s welfare reforms have been heavily criticised by 17 charities and non-profit organisations in a report to Birmingham City Council.

Yesterday I visited the North West to find out first-hand how the Universal Credit pathfinders had been working in practice. I met with local authorities, the voluntary sector, housing providers and work programme contractors as well as staff and managers at the Jobcentre in Ashton-under-Lyne, which as you know has had the longest experience of handling Universal Credit claims. I would like to take this opportunity to record my gratitude and appreciation for the time they took to meet me and I am grateful also to you and officials at the DWP for helping to arrange this.

These meetings confirmed to me that the principle of Universal Credit is a good one that could bring real benefits to claimants, communities and taxpayers. It was also very clear that professionals across the public, private and voluntary sectors in these areas are working extremely hard to make Universal Credit a success.

However it was also clear that there remain a range of serious problems with the current operation of Universal Credit which risk being replicated and multiplied across the country on a far larger scale if Universal Credit unless they are resolved.

Yet Labour refuse to back the scheme. Having opposed every one of our vital welfare reforms, including the benefit cap, again they stand in the way of progress.

So I need your support. Add your name today to show you back the important changes we’re making to the welfare system.

The difference between the Conservatives and Labour on welfare is one of values.

The Conservatives stand for giving people the security of a job and hope for a better future. We believe in rewarding the willingness to work and helping people get on in life.

By contrast, the only thing you can honestly say that Labour stands for is more welfare dependency. They truly are the welfare party.

We can’t let them wreck the progress we’ve made. Add your name today, and let’s keep up the important work of turning Britain around.

Thank you,

Iain Duncan Smith
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Channel 4 Video

Gary Barlow & Maria Miller Need I say more…?

I do not / will not hide the fact I think the DWP are heartless, run by a man who is pure evil.