When it comes down two an MP defending his party I’m always going to be a bit of a skeptic.
When a news corporation is openly lying it reflect badly on all journalists. Who offer an unbiased view of a story. I thought the BBC could be held up as an example of good, unbiased reporting. Was I wrong.

Harry Smith, 91, brings tears to Labour delegates’ eyes

The Conservative and Lib Dem coalition government has increased NHS spending each year during the current Parliament and both parties committed in 2010 to the founding values of the NHS that no-one, regardless of income, should be deprived of the best care.

I can’t stand bad journalism, they have a responsibility to report the facts

Ministers rebuked on NHS spending claim


The Rt. Hon Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, wrote to Andrew Dilnot on 1 November 2012 expressing concern that statements made by the Prime Minister and Health Minister to Parliament were inconsistent with the underlying statistics about spending published by HM Treasury, a Department of Health (DH) press release and a House of Commons Library note. He considered there had not been an increase in health spending in real terms, as reported by the Prime Minister and the Health Minister. He also referred to a commitment in the Coalition Agreement to increase health spending in real terms, which he considered had not been met. He asked Andrew Dilnot to help in bringing clarity to the situation and for a recommendation on how to ensure that in future the debate on NHS spending could be accurate and reflect the facts.
In his letter to Andrew Dilnot, Mr Burnham quoted statements which he believed were inconsistent with the statistics published in Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses 2012, produced by HM Treasury:

  • The following section of the Coalition Agreement:
  • ‘We will guarantee that health spending increases in real terms in each year of the Parliament’

  • The following statement by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on :
  • ‘The fact is, however, that at the last election only one party said that it would increase the NHS in real terms, and that is exactly what we are doing’

  • He also quoted a later statement by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on :
  • ‘It is certainly not because the money in the NHS is being cut, because it is not being cut. The money in the NHS is being increased.’

  • The following statement made by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, in the House of Commons on :
  • ‘Real-terms spending on the NHS has increased across the country’

  • He also quoted comments made by Mr Hunt on BBC Daily Politics on :
  • ‘In real terms NHS spending is going up…. it is incredibly significant that in real terms this government has made a big, big choice to protect the NHS budget’.

  • and further quoted the Conservative Party website
  • ‘We have increased the NHS budget in real terms in each of the last two years’

You HAVE cut spending on NHS: official stats watchdog embarrasses Cameron

In a deeply embarrassing and damaging intervention ahead of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement tomorrow Andrew Dilnot, chair of the UK Statistics Authority, concluded that spending on the NHS is actually lower in real terms now than it was in 2010.

I’m just one man and have no where near the resources of the BBC. So my conclusion is they are openly trying to deceive us.


@Jeremy_Hunt: Spending actually went up £2.7bn in real terms last year alone. So Labour are promising significantly less than we have actually delivered.

David Cameron ordered to stop saying NHS spending is up

That to me sounds like a false statement.

David Cameron

I don’t like name calling but David Cameron is an arse, and is clearly undergoing some kind of mental breakdown no doubt brought on by his endless lies.

NHS established
The NHS is born on July 5 1948 out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth.

When health secretary Aneurin Bevan opens Park Hospital in Manchester it is the climax of a hugely ambitious plan to bring good healthcare to all. For the first time hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists are brought together under one umbrella organisation that is free for all at the point of delivery. The central principles are clear: the health service will be available to all and financed entirely from taxation, which means that people pay into it according to their means.

Aneurin Bevan

Let’s be clear Mr Cameron is privatising OUR NHS

The legislation also fulfils the definition of privatisation proposed by Minister of State for Policy, Oliver Letwin, MP, as laid out in his book, “Privatising the World”:

“It typically takes one of three forms: contracting out of government, deregulation of activities previously dominated by the public sector, and sales of public assets to existent private sector companies…these are important and powerful tools, each of which is particularly suited to the privatisation of a particular aspect of the public sector: contracting out for public services, deregulation for statutory monopolies, and trade sales for companies in poor financial condition

The legislation the above refers to is the Health & Social Care Act
The biggest change in the Act, is….

It removed from the Secretary of Health responsibility for the health of citizens, which the post had carried since the inception of the NHS in 1948.

Perhaps most infamously, the Conservatives repeatedly promised before the general election that there would be no more “top-down reorganisations” of the NHS (Andrew Lansley, Conservative Party press release, ). In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on , Cameron said: “With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.

Mr Cameron also also keeps good company…

Maria Miller
She stole £90k+.
Iain Duncan Smith Who’s welfare ‘reforms’ have resulted in a number of deaths.
Keep Talking Iain Your Idiot Ideas will run your party right out of office/
The list is endless – google it.

Side Note. I’m a disabled man (can’t walk) I’ve been trying to go back to work since 2012 – with no success.

Esther Mcvey Who has been caught lying so many times we no longer believe anything she says.
Esther Mcvey on Foodbanks

Mark Harper Employed an illegal immigrant to clean.

He’s now Minister for Disabled People. As a disabled young-ish man he’s in need of his P45!

Mark Simmonds Greedy little s**t

Lost my calm there, sorry.

David Cameron has used his first speech as Prime Minister at the Conservative Party Conference to call on the country to “pull together”.

The Conservatives’ slogan “We’re all in this together” is “not a cry for help, but a call to arms”, he said.

So if you “play by the rules” Like Mr Barlow, who ‘hid’ money to avoid paying tax. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-27364089

So after a FILLED attempt to close Lewisham A&E Health Secretary changed the law!

They are now downgrading (not closing) several A&E Departments. By ‘downgrading’ read closing. The idea is to limit what these A&E Units are equipped to treat, so a heart attack is no longer treatable at these A&E units.
This clearly will impact on getting timely care for a time seventies illness.

The above is a recipe for death ! The biggest problem with this should be…

Whatever you think of these proposals, Imperial does not want to know. There will be no public consultation on the plans for Charing Cross and St Mary’s. Nor do they care about adequately informing you. Public information on the closure of Hammersmith and Central Middlesex A&E has not started, six weeks before closure, but £300,000 has been paid to PR consultants, including £55,000 to M&C Saatchi.

So the democratic system no longer applies to YOUR health care.
It’s local people who will be put at risk, NOT Mr Cameron or Mr Hunt. I’m not a political or economist. If anything I’m a pragmatist, I fully agree with the idea…

You can’t please all of the people…

People have a right to decide what happens to their local services, taking away this right (for whatever reason) is wrong.

@CandHSoH http://saveourhospitals.blogspot.co.uk/

I will update this post, if you want to be informed subscribe.


U-Turns !


@hammersmithandy: Devastating news for local #NHS as A&E closures and Charing Cross demolition get go ahead. #saveourhospitals http://www.andyslaughter.co.uk/devastating_news_for_local_health_service_as_a_e_closures_and_charing_cross_demolition_get_go_ahead


If I could not see this, I would not believe it. http://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/dwp-blames-cancer-patient-for-her-illness/


Says it all really.



KEVIN MEAGHER, The author of the above article is having a mental break down or it’s an audition for a new career in comedy

I am however a BIG fan of debunking lies…so lets have a quick look


The BEST Lie

In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on
Cameron said: “With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.

Their has been an endless stream of high profile people getting aways with crimes I refer to maria miller, mark harper &Gary Barlow


A timeline of David Cameron’s broken promise on Sunday shopping


Iain Duncan Smith quits over planned disability benefit changes
This made my day. In his apparent resignation letter he blamed…

they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers. They should have instead been part of a wider process to engage others in finding the best way to better focus resources on those most in need.
In full: Iain Duncan Smith resignation letter

The PMs response to the letter is an insult.

As a government, we have done a huge amount to get people into work, reduce unemployment and promote social justice
PM’s letter in reply to Duncan Smith

Now I had job, I loved my job. I became disabled and was not allowed back.I asked my Local MP for help. I asked The Minister for Disabled People – Got nothing. Ok not true got a fantastic letter saying ministers are busy.


Twitter rant by MP


The real reasons behind Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation have detonated a landmine in UK politics


Stephen Crabb: New DWP Secretary criticised for links to ‘gay cure’ group
So I nothing of this MP whos somehow got the top job at the DWP. I’m sure Priti Patel is over the moon. 

Having read his They ‘WORK’ for You profile I feel safe knowing he’ll soon be as loved as IDS.


I understand PMs have a very low moral  inner voice, however the Tory voice is stuck on mute. The recent Twitter display by Nadine Books over IDS  registration, was an utter disgrace she basicly addmits to “selling” her vote. Her constituents voted for her to represent them not the intrestes of fellow MPs.
Her voting record. They ‘WORK’ for You tells a diffrent story, shes looking for scapegoat and IDS was their.



Ian Duncan Smith is ranting at people pointing out HIS mistakes. People are asking form him to quite. This will solve nothing.

‘Relentlessly negative’ BBC is a bigger enemy of welfare reform than Labour, says IDS

I think we can all agree the ‘reforms’ have resulted in death,anguish and poverty. If you don’t agree then I suggest you commit your self for mental health checks.

Daily Mail

He should be made to live on benefits for a year, no money, no job, no £39 for a breakfast.

He should be subject to ATOS WCA, have his benefits stopped and be expected to pay all of his bills.

Maybe then we will be treated equal.