Another funny email from the conservatives.

So much is at stake at the next election – and the choice has never been clearer.

Rather than addressing the big challenges facing our country, Labour have spent the last week fighting amongst themselves – with senior Labour figures:

Admitting they “lack an overall vision” and that “a Labour government would not have a sense of direction” (Lord Soley, former Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party)
Calling for a return to Labour’s “democratic socialist” roots (Jon Trickett MP) and debating outdated political theories rather than the things that matter to hardworking people
There’s no leadership – only weakness.

I do agree. If it was me I’d have Mr Cameron crying every day.
IDS, Maria Miller & Mark Harper would all be in jail, at very least never allowed to hold a position in public office again.

No long-term plan – just short-term gimmicks.

We have to stop Labour getting into power and putting everything we’ve achieved at risk. Please join Team2015 today and volunteer to play your part in this vital election campaign.

While we’re reducing the deficit, creating more jobs and cutting income tax to make hardworking people more secure, Labour haven’t got a clue about the challenges facing Britain.

Any comment on reducing the deficit is a balled face lie.
Part 1 Debt Reduction Lie.html & Part 2

By “Creating More Job” he’s talking about the explosion in zero-hour contracts – that offer no safety at all. Zero-hours contracts: no security at work and no security at home

By “haven’t got a clue about the challenges facing Britain.”
Under this government child poverty had increased, the number of in-work family’s relaying on food banks has increased. Rent has increased but wages have not. Utility bills have increased. NHS waiting times have increased.

The choice is clear. A better future with the Conservatives – or a return to reckless spending, higher taxes and a stalled economy with Labour.

Join Team2015 today, and help secure a better future for Britain:

Thank you,

I would urge anyone thinking of voting Conservative please re-thing once they destroy this country it was be impossible to rebuild.


Using the memory of your dead son to gain some political points is shameful – and shows Mr Cameron has no respect or shame.

There have been a number of suicides related to people benefit benign cut or stopped.

Benefit cuts blind man committed suicide after Atos ruled him fit to work

Mr Cameron And His son


Cameron’s cynical use of his late son is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

Closure By Another Name

So I’m not an ‘expert’ just a young-ish man with a deep love for the NHS and what it stands for.

So my week started with…

@ImperialNHS: We are not closing #CharingCrossHospital. We have not agreed any plans to close CharingCrossHospital A&E. States…

We are not closing Charing Cross Hospital. We are planning a £150 million rebuild to create a new type of local hospital, with specialist and planned care including: day case surgery/treatment, one-stop diagnostic clinics and outpatients services, integrated care and rehabilitation services (especially for elderly people and people with chronic conditions) and an emergency centre, next to our existing partner services that include mental health and cancer support.

So they are not closing A&E… But nothing about A&E in there £150Million upgrade. This report must be wrong here

@arbrown_town: Hi @Nnamdi_ES_Okoye, closure of HH A&E (but 24/7 opening of UCC) is driven by @ImperialNHS & expert Drs to save lives & improve outcomes.

I’ve had reason to contact Andrew Brown (@arbrown_town) recently, he seamed like a nice reasonable person. I asked…

@danielmcmorrow: @arbrown_town @Nnamdi_ES_Okoye @ImperialNHS let us see this ‘expert’ report then?

To my suprise, a few days later I got these reports…

Like all good NHS Documents it’s full of acronym & has a lot of word but says very little.

The first link states…

We remain absolutely confident that delivering the Shaping a Healthier Future recommendations in full will save many lives each year and significantly improve patient’s care and experience of the NHS.

This says (in my view) that if patient care & lives are not improved we got it wrong. Would the CCG’s that signed this letter put their jobs on the line? Maybe this should be a trial? If someone dies as a result of delay in getting care who do we blame?
Official statics need to be compared to before the change.


I agree. Going to A&E for daily diabetic treatment is silly, this however is not reason to ‘close’ A&E.
But rather a sign more effort should be put into education of what A&E is for.
The ‘chair’ of that video nails it, in saying patients will be at risk when they goto the wrong A&E.

@arbrown_town: A very reasonable blog @danielmcmorrow I agree with you. If reforms do fail NHS & CCG officials should step down.


In this video the ‘presenter’ says dollars ? This needs to be explained.

2nd if technology is leading the way, why did I have to privately fund my e-wheels that give me far more independence than I had without them?


@arbrown_town: Discussed on @BBCLondon949 the misleading & scaremongering claims about future of A&E at CXH. @DrBruceKeogh review on emergency care crucial

I think this language is really unhelpful. People are not scaremongering they have real concerns about their
health care.
The above is a recipe for death ! The biggest problem with this should be…

Whatever you think of these proposals, Imperial does not want to know. There will be no public consultation on the plans for Charing Cross and St Mary’s. Nor do they care about adequately informing you. Public information on the closure of Hammersmith and Central Middlesex A&E has not started, six weeks before closure, but £300,000 has been paid to PR consultants, including £55,000 to M&C Saatchi.

So the democratic system no longer applies to YOUR health care.
It’s local people who will be put at risk, NOT Mr Cameron or Mr Hunt. I’m not a political or economist. If anything I’m a pragmatist, I fully agree with the idea…
Read post here


In my first post I remarked on the email about strikes, Here. This email want our help!

Like you, I care about Britain’s future.

Then fire Mr Cameron

I want to live in a country where our children get the best education, hardworking txapayers can get on in life, and pensioners are well looked after in retirement.

Lets take this point-by-point.

  • Education. – You raised fees. Scrapped Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
  • 10496222_10152147980296744_6723278698060059463_o


  • taxpayers – Yes I’m sure Gary Barlow agrees
  • pensioners – My nan recently broke her hip had to wait over 3 hours for 999!

That’s why I joined Team2015 – and why I’m asking you to volunteer today.

I’m more likely to put hot pins in my eyes

The next election is too important for any of us to sit on the sidelines. We need to keep going with the long-term economic plan that is securing a better future for Britain. We cannot let Labour put the recovery, and everything we’ve achieved, at risk.

Team2015 is at the heart of our campaign to secure a Conservative majority. Volunteers like me are delivering leaflets and speaking to voters in the seats that will decide the next election – playing our part in securing Britain’s future.


I love being a part of Team2015 and doing my bit to make sure Britain never goes back to Labour’s way of more spending, more taxes, and more debt than future generations can ever hope to pay off.

Join Team2015 today – and let’s win the next election and secure that better future for Britain.



I hope Alexandra never has to use the NHS, it wont exist if they win.

Team2015 Volunteer


Just got an email and had to share.

Today’s strikes are disrupting the lives of millions.

Schools have been shut, damaging children’s education and forcing parents to take time off work or scramble round for childcare. Libraries and other public services have closed, causing difficulties to families across the country.

so just like your plans for our NHS.
It was you who scrapped Disabled Students Allowance And raised fees.
It was Mr Clegg who blocked Childcare reforms.

We are clear: these strikes are wrong.

What’s wrong is you not listing to the people. These strikes are due to your actions.

Labour left our economy in a mess.

my info graphic


We have taken difficult decisions that have reduced the deficit by over a third – and we need to keep on dealing with our debts to safeguard the economy for the long term.

with zero-hour contracts with offer no security at all?

We can’t go back to Labour’s way of more spending, more borrowing and more taxes. It would wreck the recovery and put jobs at risk.

Yet Ed Miliband refuses to condemn today’s strikes.

There is only one conclusion we can draw from his silence: he’s too weak to stand up to the union paymasters who have donated £23 million to his Party.

He is week, if it was me I demand Cameron’s head on a spike.
Along with Miss Miller in jail and IDS living on benefits.

Share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know about Miliband’s £23m sponsored silence:


If Ed Miliband can’t stand up to the unions on this, there is no way he could stand up to them if he ever got into Downing Street.

Please share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know that Miliband’s just not up to it.


Grant Shapps
Conservative Party Chairman


So Mr Cameron did this

NUT strike: David Cameron announces crackdown on strike action ahead of mass industrial action