I commented on these email or lies before. This however is the best one so far.

At the heart of our welfare reforms is a simple goal: to tackle the culture of welfare dependency that Labour allowed to develop.

So we’re creating a system that helps people stand on their own two feet – restoring the incentive to work and ensuring that work always pays.

Gone will be the days when it could make more sense to sit on benefits than enter work. Now, the right choice is also the logical one.

I’m going to bite my lip on this have just lost my job due to being disabled.

Our new Universal Credit is already transforming lives, freeing people from welfare dependency and helping them provide for themselves and their families.

The coalition’s welfare reforms have been heavily criticised by 17 charities and non-profit organisations in a report to Birmingham City Council.

Yesterday I visited the North West to find out first-hand how the Universal Credit pathfinders had been working in practice. I met with local authorities, the voluntary sector, housing providers and work programme contractors as well as staff and managers at the Jobcentre in Ashton-under-Lyne, which as you know has had the longest experience of handling Universal Credit claims. I would like to take this opportunity to record my gratitude and appreciation for the time they took to meet me and I am grateful also to you and officials at the DWP for helping to arrange this.

These meetings confirmed to me that the principle of Universal Credit is a good one that could bring real benefits to claimants, communities and taxpayers. It was also very clear that professionals across the public, private and voluntary sectors in these areas are working extremely hard to make Universal Credit a success.

However it was also clear that there remain a range of serious problems with the current operation of Universal Credit which risk being replicated and multiplied across the country on a far larger scale if Universal Credit unless they are resolved.

Yet Labour refuse to back the scheme. Having opposed every one of our vital welfare reforms, including the benefit cap, again they stand in the way of progress.

So I need your support. Add your name today to show you back the important changes we’re making to the welfare system.

The difference between the Conservatives and Labour on welfare is one of values.

The Conservatives stand for giving people the security of a job and hope for a better future. We believe in rewarding the willingness to work and helping people get on in life.

By contrast, the only thing you can honestly say that Labour stands for is more welfare dependency. They truly are the welfare party.

We can’t let them wreck the progress we’ve made. Add your name today, and let’s keep up the important work of turning Britain around.

Thank you,

Iain Duncan Smith
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Channel 4 Video

Gary Barlow & Maria Miller Need I say more…?

I do not / will not hide the fact I think the DWP are heartless, run by a man who is pure evil.



So email yesterday…
And today…

Remind me was it not the current government that employed the Bed Room Tax.

The coalition will leave more debt than all Labour governments since 1900

The coalition has so far run up more public debt than all the Labour governments since 1900 combined.

The current government’s now responsible for £517 billion of the trillion-plus-pound UK public debt, compared to £472 billion accrued during the 33 years Labour led the country since the turn of the twentieth century.

Funny how they never talk about that. The government is also responsible for Millions waiting for Benefits at the hands of DWP.

Today was #Lab14

@UKLabour: “Lets make it happen. Together”. Watch highlights of Ed Miliband’s speech:

@Archangelolill: Labour plans to recruit ~ 20,000 more nurses ~ 8,000 more GPs ~ 5,000 more care workers and ~ 3,000 more midwives.
#Lab14 #NHS

While I’m all for change we’ve been lied to by MPs looking to become PM before… Remember…



In my first post I remarked on the email about strikes, Here. This email want our help!

Like you, I care about Britain’s future.

Then fire Mr Cameron

I want to live in a country where our children get the best education, hardworking txapayers can get on in life, and pensioners are well looked after in retirement.

Lets take this point-by-point.

  • Education. – You raised fees. Scrapped Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
  • 10496222_10152147980296744_6723278698060059463_o


  • taxpayers – Yes I’m sure Gary Barlow agrees
  • pensioners – My nan recently broke her hip had to wait over 3 hours for 999!

That’s why I joined Team2015 – and why I’m asking you to volunteer today.

I’m more likely to put hot pins in my eyes

The next election is too important for any of us to sit on the sidelines. We need to keep going with the long-term economic plan that is securing a better future for Britain. We cannot let Labour put the recovery, and everything we’ve achieved, at risk.

Team2015 is at the heart of our campaign to secure a Conservative majority. Volunteers like me are delivering leaflets and speaking to voters in the seats that will decide the next election – playing our part in securing Britain’s future.


I love being a part of Team2015 and doing my bit to make sure Britain never goes back to Labour’s way of more spending, more taxes, and more debt than future generations can ever hope to pay off.

Join Team2015 today – and let’s win the next election and secure that better future for Britain.



I hope Alexandra never has to use the NHS, it wont exist if they win.

Team2015 Volunteer